• Ron Suggs

Do It Today!

Estate planning is one of those things that is always on the "To Do List". We know we need to get it done but somehow it always gets pushed down to the bottom of the list; right below cleaning out the garage and and weeding the yard.

There are many reasons why folks put off estate planning year after year. There are those who are afraid of the costs associated with hiring an attorney and writing a plan. They have never really looked into it but it seems expensive. There are some that are worried about time commitment involved in setting up their will and trust. They believe process will require hours of discussions, chasing around documents and trips to the attorney's office. There are also those out there who simply don't want to discuss and consider their mortality. They are in the peak of their life and talking about death is a downer.

Well, let me reassure you, while those concerns are valid and completely understandable, they are not necessarily true.

When you work with us, estate planning is done at a flat rate. We don't charge for consultations, phone calls, emails, notary services and we allow you to make minor changes, for free, for a year. You know what you are getting up front. No surprises.

When you work with us, we value your time and travel to you. We go when and where it is convenient for you and your schedule. We can meet at your workplace during your lunch hour, at the field during your kid's soccer practice or at your home while you are making dinner. We save you travel time to and from our location so that you don't lose valuable minutes in your day. We also work to get your plan complete, from the first meeting to final signing, in about two weeks.

When you work with us, we focus on your legacy and your impact on your family and community. We know that your estate is more than just money and possessions. We work with you to establish a legacy of lessons, dreams and hopes for your loved ones so that you live on even after you are gone.

Do yourself a favor and call us today to get started. Not only will you get estate planning checked off that pesky list but you will be doing something that your future self will be grateful for.




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