• Ron Suggs

What Are The Benefits Of A Trust?

While I could go on and on, listing all the benefits of a trust, here are six big benefits of having a trust in place for your family.

  1. A trust allows you to provide for yourself through a disability and your loved ones after your death.

  2. A trust allows you to leave what you want, to whom you want, the way you want.

  3. A trust provides legacy protection which is a way for you to share your dreams, values, hopes and wishes with your family.

  4. A trust allows you to minimize taxes, avoid probate and unnecessary wasted time and attorney fees.

  5. A trust allows you to give to causes that are near and dear to you and your family.

  6. A trust allows you, rather than a judge, decide how your assets will be split.

If even just one of these reasons peaks your interest or brings up a few questions, please reach out to us to get more information. We offer free no pressure consultations in person or over the phone. We would love the opportunity to speak to you.



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