• Ron Suggs

Is Your Plan Up To Date?

Recently, we have seen an influx of calls from families requesting a review of their aged and outdated documents or documents that they produced using an online legal site. We absolutely encourage document review and are happy to take a look to give you peace of mind. Life moves fast and life changes, sometimes without us even knowing it. A look at your plan every few years helps keep your documents up to date and accurate.

Surprisingly, a number of the documents we have reviewed have been incomplete! The documents were either not signed, not notarized or not funded! The collection of plans, wishes and dreams that the family held so secure and trusted with their last wishes offered limited or no protection from probate.

If your documents are a few years or decades old, a review is in order. We will meet with you to discuss your life changes and your intentions and then make sure your plans align with your goals. If changes and updates are necessary, we will work with you to get new documents or amendments in place, signed, notarized and funded. If your current plan still works to achieve your goals, you can rest assured that your wishes and dreams are secure and are up to date.

We would be privileged to take a look at your existing plan to assure you are caring for your loved ones the way you want. Please give us a call at 916-903-3717 or send us an email at ronsuggslaw@gmail.com to set up a time to meet. It doesn’t take long to review your plan, and typically your updates can be made and signed within a few days.

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