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Get To Know The Law Office of Ron F Suggs

How We Work With You To Protect Your Legacy

1. Is Estate Planning your primary practice emphasis or just a one of the many areas you practice?


Yes, our practice focuses on Estate Planning (including Wills, Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney), Legacy Planning, Special Needs Planning, Probate and Estate Administration.


2. How much do you charge for your Estate Plan? Are services flat rate or hourly? What documents are included?


Our Estate Planning work is all done at a flat rate.  The typical Estate Plan includes a Revocable Living Trust, Pour Over Will, Certificate of Trust, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney and a Grant Deed to move your home into the trust.  However, since everyone has a different situation, we offer other plans including plans for those who don't own a home, those that own multiple homes and those with special circumstances. 


We include notary services, deed filing, follow up calls and minor changes for the first year.


Fees for Probate and Estate Administration work are calculated on a case by case basis.


3. Do you provide a maintenance program for updating my Estate Plan as life changes?


All our Estate Plans include free minor changes for the first 12 months.  We call it our Estate Planning Maintenance Program. 



4. How long it will take to complete the Estate Plan?


Typically, we can complete Estate Plans, from first contact to signing and funding, in about 3 weeks.  We have been known to accommodate clients and turn around a complete plan in a matter of days but it is not common considering a good estate plan requires thorough discussion, wise decision making and discovering the ins and outs of your plan.



5. Do we handle more complex estate plans such as Supplemental Needs Trusts and Legacy Planning?


Yes, we offer Supplemental Needs Trust and Special Needs Trusts to clients who want to take care of their loved ones financially after they are gone but without risking their loved ones disability and state benefits.


We offer Legacy Planning to ensure your loved ones inheritance is protected from future situations such as divorce and lawsuits.



6. Do you provide notary services on-site? If provided, are there additional fees?


All notary services are included at no extra charge, and at $15 a signature that saves you over $200 when signing a married estate plan. 


7. Do you provide services to help fund my trust? If so, what are the fees?


We include creating, signing and filing the grant deed for your home as part of our service.  We feel that it doesn’t make any sense to pay for a trust to be written and then not funded to make it active and useful. 



8. Do you charge for follow up questions, calls or emails?


No, our goal is to make sure your plan is written to accomplish your plans, dreams and goals.  We also want you to be educated about your plan.  Therefore, we don’t charge for phone calls, emails or questions.  We also include our Estate Plan Maintenance Program that includes all minor changes for the first 12 months. 

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