• Ron Suggs

"Will" You Be Mine?

It’s February and love is in the air. Well maybe not in the air but certainly on every store shelf and on every media outlet. If you walk into a store you can’t help but find Valentine’s Day treats for that special someone in your life. You are inundated with options galore that are meant to sum up your enduring love and commitment for the year, and hopefully years to come. While I am not against a sincere Valentine’s Day gift from my spouse, I do question how that box of chocolate will care for me after he has passed away.

A Will, while not necessarily romantic or fun, is a gift you can give to your loved ones that will give after you are gone. Imagine the relief when your family realizes that they don’t have to argue or disagree about what to do with your personal belongings. Imagine how your loved ones will react when they grasp the time and love you put into laying out your wishes and dreams for them years in advance. Consider how those nearest and dearest to you will feel when they receive the news that you have laid something special aside for them to remember you forever. That is love that endures year after year.

There is still time to create your Will before Valentine’s Day and for $299, it’s a steal! Give us a call and we can schedule a time to get started. We would love to help, 916-903-3717 or ronsuggslaw@gmail.com.

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