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Will and Trust Reviews - Make your documents work for you!

There are those of you out there that already have an estate plan in place. You laid out a meticulously detailed plan of your wishes, you thoughtfully gifted your worldly possessions and accounted for each penny of your estate. You have been able to rest easy for years knowing that you have a plan in place for the just in case. But wait…how long ago was that? No, it couldn’t be...5, 10 or even 20 years. In fact, you don’t even own the home listed in your trust any longer and your youngest is finishing college this year! If this is the case or it’s been more than 5 years, you may benefit from a review to assure that your trust is still working for you.

The good news is that it won’t necessarily require you to start from square one; much of your existing trust may still apply to your current situation. The best thing to do it to contact a trust attorney for a basic trust review. They, in turn, will make recommendations for updates, changes or suggest drawing up a new trust to accommodate your family’s journey.

Here are a few situations that may warrant a review:

  • Buying and/or selling a home, vacation home or rental property

  • Marriage/Divorce

  • Birth of children, grandchildren or change in your beneficiaries

  • Change of trustee or executor

  • Major change to income or assets

  • Retirement

  • Move to different state

We would love the opportunity to help make sure that your trust is working for you and your family. Please contact us to schedule a trust review. It doesn’t take long, and the cost of the review will be applied to any changes that need to be made. You have worked hard for your family, and years ago you made planning for your family and your legacy a priority. Don’t let a dated plan get in the way of achieving your plan and protecting your family after you are gone.

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